E-Learning Automation


Phase 3: May/June 2021 Launch

What if it was possible to have all your Continuing Education classes tracked with the ability to quiz and score every customer? Then have your data synced with our CRM (Lead Automation System) to track their progress in pipelines? Yep…it’s all possible and much more.

In this phase, we will be create e-Learning platforms built right within WordPress. We will provide pre-recorded Continuing Education classes that will give you the ability to quiz your customers after each class so you know the class material was consumed. We wanted to solve this problem because of the many complaints that wellness advocates have mentioned to us about providing incentive to customers who watch all 8 CE classes. This solution will fix that and allow you do so much more.

We will also provide pre-built eLearning video courses for sale that will educate your leads and customers about topics that have a direct correlation to dōTERRA’s product line. Here is a short list of the pre-built courses that will be coming soon.

10-Part Video Series Courses That Will Help You Sell More dōTERRA Products

  • How Smoothies Can Transform Your Life -> Nutrition Product Line
  • Immune System Support -> Immunity Wellness Program
  • Overcoming Anxiety -> Mind & Mood Wellness Program
  • Detox Yourself -> Digestive Health Product Line
  • And many more!

All of the courses above will be educational in nature and will be pre-built and ready to plug-n-play to give free access to your current and future customers. You will be able to track every video lesson completion, every quiz and also every page they visit so that you know who consumed what.  This will give you an advantage in knowing who to follow up with and you’ll know exactly what to say to them to close the sale.

Product education is the core of what dōTERRA teaches all their advocates to do and this automated E-learning platform will help you sell more products in a more effective and automated way.

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