Our Mission

Our Mission Is Simple…

We simply want to help wellness advocates get an advantage with marketing their dōTERRA business using customizable marketing automation systems.

To go a little deeper, here is our two-fold mission…

Mission #1

We want to help wellness advocates become the most sophisticated marketers in Doterra by equipping them with the most customizable and advanced automation platforms on the market at ridiculously affordable rates. This includes giving them access to customizable and affordable marketing automation platforms specifically built for wellness advocates. This will allow them to free up their time while saving them money by cutting costs from using multiple platforms that were duck taped together.

Mission #2

We want to help wellness advocates use these platforms and systems and inspire them to lead with their expertise instead of marketing like all the other thousands of wellness advocates. We believe that when you lead with your expertise, this sets you apart and gives you another advantage. To help with this, we will provide dozens of health & wellness materials such as ebooks, lead magnets, content, landing pages, pre-built campaigns, etc. that will cover multiple health concerns.

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