Phase 1: Complete

A lot of a wellness advocate’s overhead comes from recurring monthly marketing tool costs. Our Lead Automation System CRM combines every marketing automation tool you could need into a single, comprehensive and easy-to-use tool, all for a fraction of the cost.

Phase 2: April/May Launch

Imagine having a website that can sync and talk to every plugin within your site to automate any action or task you can think of. Well this is now possible with the most popular CMS system on planet…WordPress. Your WordPress site will sync with our automation CRM. 

Phase 3: May/June Launch

What if it was possible to have all your Continuing Education classes tracked with the ability to quiz and score every customer? Then have your data synced with our CRM (Lead Automation System) to track their progress in pipelines? Yep…it’s all possible and much more.

More Information Coming Soon!