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Wellness Advocates

How Much Time Are You Spending On
Marketing Your dōTERRA Business?

Listen To The Wellness Advocates Below On How Much Time They Are Saving

If you’re like most dōTERRA wellness advocates, it’s a lot. The funnel building, the lead nurturing, the conversation monitoring, the calls, the messages, the classes…it all takes time to do. Like tons of time.

And don’t forget about all the costs of the tools either, like…

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need to Automate Your Entire dōTERRA Business

The Lead Automation System

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need to
Automate Your Entire dōTERRA Business

The Lead Automation System

Your End-To-End
dōTERRA Marketing
Solution To Help You…

Build Smarter, Faster & More Efficiently

Build forms, surveys, and funnel pages to capture leads, user automated SMS, email, phone calls, voicemails, and Facebook Messages to nurture leads through custom pipelines, and converse with leads & clients via text, phone, online chat, and Facebook Messenger (all in one stream!), and more!

Listen To What Some Of Our Wellness Advocate
Beta Users Have To Say…

Your Options Are Limitless With What You
Can Do With The Lead Automation System

If you have an online or offline prospecting strategy that works, you can build an automated system for it!
What you can actually automate with our system is literally limitless. You will only be limited by imagination!

Automated Online Classes & Product Study Campaigns Are Pre-Built!

Once your account is set up, just attach your domain, test & launch!

Automate Online Classes

Automate the whole entire process of your essential oil online classes with scheduling, automated follow-ups, and lead nurturing. All the automation sequences, pipelines, and lead nurturing come built in!

Online Class Funnel Map

Automate Product Studies

Automate your essential oil studies with automated follow-ups & lead nurturing. You can also track the progress of each person in the study and automate every interaction during the study. All the follow-up and lead nurturing sequences come built in!

Product Study Funnel Map

Other Features Of The Lead Automation System

Website Builder

Build any website with our drag-and-drop builder. No hosting, plugins, or security is needed. All website templates are pre-built and ready to customize. You also get a pre-built digital business card template!


Funnel Builder

Build unlimited funnels with our funnel builder. You also get access to dozens of pre-built funnels for online classes, product studies, calendar booking, ebooks, and more.


Membership Builder

With our membership builder, you can host unlimited courses to educate your customers. There are zero video hosting costs! You will get access to a pre-built Continuing Education course that’s plug-n-play.


Automation Triggers

Stop spending all of your time and resources on grueling administrative tasks. No more time-intensive follow-up, confusing website building, and nurturing campaigns. Instead, you can focus on growing your business.


Campaign Builder

Create unlimited automated follow-up sequences to connect with your leads and customers with SMS, email, voice drops, and more.


Appointment Scheduler

Allow your leads to self-book directly to your online calendar and provide a seamless booking experience with SMS and email reminders.


Lead Pipelines

Track the process of any of your marketing strategies using lead pipelines. Track the progress of product studies and online classes to keep track of where all your leads are in your sales process.


Contact Management

Keep track of all your contacts in all one place. You can also organize your lists, send bulk messages (SMS & email), and filter contacts all in the same dashboard.


Reputation Builder

Online reviews are the currency of the web. Connect your Facebook fan page to collect online reviews from your customers and then place a code snippet on your website or funnel to automatically stream them.


Form & Survey Builder

No more going back and forth with Google forms and duck-taping your other processes together. All your forms and surveys can now trigger any automation you want.


Online Web Chat

Give your leads and potential customers an easy way to contact you by adding an online web chat module. Once an online chat is started, lead follow-up can begin!

Conversation Hub

Keep track of all your conversations in a consolidated dashboard whether they happen via text message, email, phone calls, or Facebook messages.

Mobile App

Interact with all your leads and contacts on the go with the mobile app. Send direct SMS and email messages and call your leads and customers directly from the app. 

Everything All On One Platform

It’s about time you get rid of using multiple platforms by trying to dupe tape everything together.

The New Way Is Finally Here…

Our System Replaces The Core Functionality
(And Costs!) Of All These Tools…

Disclaimer: Our platform does NOT replace every single functionality of every tool below. Some are fully replaceable while others can only replace some of the core functionalities of them. Our platform is a customized version of the Go High Level platform. We built a customized version specifically for dōTERRA wellness advocates.

During Our Launch Pricing, You Can Replace Hundreds Of Dollars Worth Of Marketing Tools

For Only $99/m!

List Of Features

  • Online Class Campaigns
  • Online Web Chat
  • EO Study Campaigns
  • Built-in Calendar
  • Followup Campaigns
  • Pipeline Management
  • Orange Product Funnel
  • 2 Way Email
  • Online Class Funnel
  • 2 way SMS
  • EO Study Funnel
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Ringless Voicemail
  • Unlimited Funnel Builder
  • Campaign Insights
  • Unlimited Website Builder
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Membership Module
  • Unified Messaging
  • Website & Funnel Hosting
  • Lead Management
  • Survey Builder
  • Mobile App
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Form Builder
  • Reputation Management
  • Free SSL Certificates

When You Join Today, You Will Also Get Access To Perks That Normal Members Won’t Have!

In addition to getting access to LAS, you will get these additional tools.

Lead Automation System
($499/m Value)

This is the CRM that will be the core of your entire Doterra business. It will integrate with every tool you get included with this offer and every tool we offer in the future.

Local Reputation System
($99/m Value)

Getting online reviews is one of the core strategies that every Wellness Advocate is missing. It’s also one of the easiest strategies to get new customers and builders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform is a customized version of the Go High Level platform that is currently being used by thousands of agencies. We built a customized version specifically for dōTERRA wellness advocates.

There are no contracts. You can cancel anytime.

The launch price will go as new users sign up or after a certain period of time. The price will eventually go up to $99/m and the bonus tools may not be available.