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Wellness Advocates

We’re bringing in a new era of marketing innovation for Wellness Advocates using Automation and A.I.

The Core Mission Of Wellness Advocate Advantage:

To Help Wellness Advocates Merge
Digital Marketing With Automation and A.I.

Wellness Advocate Automation CRM (LAS)

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The Core Components of
Wellness Advocate Advantage

WAA Online Community!

Join our private online community built specifically for Wellness Advocates! We officially launched in January 2022 with a small group of Advocates. Now we’re opening it up for all WA’s! We will be giving away all kinds of cool stuff!

Top Secret Projects

We’re constantly raising the bar of innovation with how to market online effectively. Only our current WAA members get access to our private groups in our community. One of our core projects is solely focused on the new MetaPWR product line.

Digital Marketing Tools

We have partnered with several enterprise-level tools on the market! And we are going to give access at ridiculously low pricing. Our core tool is the Lead Automation System.

Digital Marketing Services

For those advocates who want to get access to cutting-edge digital marketing services, we will eventually become a 1-stop shop for website design, content creation, graphic design, and more.

Essential Oil Marketplace

If you’re a small business owner that sells essential oil products, then this marketplace is for you! We’re building an online essential oil marketplace that will be FREE for all essential oil vendors.

Digital Marketing Courses

What would a digital marketing resource be without digital marketing training? We have a list of courses in development that will help your marketing in every phase of the sales and conversion cycle. Our core courses will be free for all Advocates!

Group Masterminds

This is where real progress happens! When several bright people get together and brainstorm and learn together, this is when your business can grow to new levels. We will start these in 2023!

Join Our Online Community

Access to all free courses, resources, and training will be in our private community! So come join us!